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June 17, 2009

We are what we eat because everything we eat becomes a part of us. That is why all natural foods we eat have a certain influence on our inner world and even our life. Do you believe in such kinda things? Read the information below and decide for yourself…

  • Parsley can boost our courage. In Ancient Rome, gladiators used to eat some parsley before starting their deadly fight. Parsley supposed to increase our courage at least twice. This useful herbal remedy contains lots of Vitamin C and a chemical substance apiol (or parsley camphor), a little toxic essential oil.
  • Tomatoes can improve our determination and help us to relax. That is why in some cultures tomatoes are also called “apples of love”. The element 5-hydroxytryptamine which can be found in tomatoes in great amounts, has the effects on our brain similar to the effects of serotonin.
  • Paprika and chili pepper can make us feel happier. This chemical process is a little complicated: capsaicin, a chemical substance which can be found in chili, and an alkaloid piperine in paprika make us feel fire in our mouth. As a reaction on such ‘fake’ pain, our brain starts producing opiate, which can stimulate a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Onions are known natural remedy to lower body temperature and calm down a headache. It is a natural aspirine which works in any situations.
  • Cinnamon can stimulate our sexual desire and increase pleasure. In Ancient Egypt, special baking with cinnamon was used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Bananas can help us to go out of depression. These deicious natural remedies are a perfect source of harman alkaloids based on mescaline, one of the oldest known psychodelics making people feel happy. If you are troubled and unhappy, eat bananas!
  • Butter helps to improve the function of our nerve system and strengthen the bones, according to the nutritionists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
  • Cheese can boost our good mood since it contains tyramine, phenylethylamine and other amphetamines, which have the effects on our brain similar to the ones of chocolate.
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