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Beauty foodsThe scientists suggest that there are certain foods which are rich in beauty-nutrients, special substances and chemical compounds which can help people look more beautiful and young. According to the recommendations of nutritionist Lisa Dryer, it is necessary to eat at least 3-4 beauty foods a day (in addition to drinking sufficient amounts of water and exercising regularly) in order to preserve your beauty, glowing and wrinkle free skin. Check out the list of beauty foods offered by the nutritionist:

1. Salmon (contains good amounts of Omega 3 acids and helps to keep your skin elastic, wrinkle free and glowing).

2. Oysters (can provide you with zinc which helps in collagen building and improves the quality of your skin, nails and hair).

3. Blueberry (assists in reconstruction of your body cells and veins, as well as provides you with antioxidants).

4. Foods For BeautyKiwi fruit (an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium, necessary for glowing skin).

5. Walnuts (these foods for beauty are also rich in Omega 3 acids and improve our skin quality).

6. Spinach (contains lots of beta-carotene, protects your eyes and skin against aging).

7. Tomatoes (a source of antioxidants, which can prevent skin aging)

8. Low fat yogurt (an excellent source of calcium which ensures health of your teeth, hair and nails).

9. Sweet potatoes (rich in beta carotene and help to smoothen our skin).

10. Dark chocolate (rich in useful beauty-nutrients and antioxidants).

The nutritionists are convinced that regular consumption of these natural foods for beauty can help every modern woman to avoid all dangers and expenses for spa treatments and plastic surgeries, and is closely linked to natural beauty and longevity.

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