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sleep deprivationChronic fatigue, constant lack of attention and abilities to focus, irritability, depression, apathy… Those are very well familiar to most of us symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders. Unfortunately, most people do not really get the necessary amounts of sleep, though we know that sleeping 7-8 hours is essential for making people feel and perform the best, as well as mental performance. In fact, the scientists are convinced that getting normal amounts of sleep can make our brain younger and assist us substantially in improving our mental activities like problem solving, decision making and others.

So how many hours a night one must sleep? The answer is strictly individual, some people may need up to 8-9 hours, and for some 6-7 hours can be enough. However, a study has shown that those people who sleep no more or no less than 8 hours on an everynight basis have much better mental performance and lower chances to suffer from cognitive decline that is usually linked to aging. During the study, those who had consistent 8-hour sleeps have shown much better results in reasoning tests than those participants who had less than 6-7 or more than 8 hours of sleep every night. Therefore, too much sleep can also have sort of negative consequences.

sleepAnother study involved tracking male and female participants for a five-year period of time. The experiments involved doing regular cognitive tests, including logic, memory and vocabulary exercises. According to the findings of this research, those people who were regularly having too much of too little of sleep demonstrated a considerable loss in brain function and decrease in their mental performance. At the same time, even aged participants among those who regularly had about 7-8 hours of sleep showed better cognitive abilities.

The fact that too much sleep can be also harmful to our mental health can be a little surprising for most of us. However, the scientists have one more interesting hypothesis as to those who like sleeping too long. There is a chance that too long sleep is linked to lower quality sleep, waking up at night and battling insomnia, or laying down for hours in the bed before falling asleep. Remember that sleeping 7-8 hours a day is a key to excellent mental performance, as well as great skin health and sexual health. Check out the information about home remedies for insomnia, and take care of your sleep!

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