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Skin Care for MomsMost mothers undoubtedly spend most of their day just hoping to get through a shower uninterrupted. The last thing on your mind is makeup or creating a proper skin care routine for yourself. At the same time, you want your skin to look good for those times you do get out of the house to non-Mommy events. Here are some tips to make that easier.

1. Choose a soap that adds moisture to your skin.

This way you dont have to worry about putting on lotion during the day. When your body soap has moisture beads in it or lotion added to it, it helps keep your skin soft and supple without your having to use an extra product or two.

Dont just stop at your body wash, though: choose a dish soap that will be good for your hands. For example, Palmolive helps add moisture to your hands while you wash dishes. This will keep your hands from looking like raptor claws from having to wash out bottles and baby dishes all day.

2. Use the Basics

Tinted moisturizer (to cut out the need for foundation), some mascara, some blush and maybe a dash of gloss (or at least some balm) wont take much time to apply. If you shop around and use things like BH Cosmetics coupons it wont even cost that much money to keep yourself supplied.

ISkin Carets easy to blow off the need for makeup when youre spending your whole day at home chasing after a baby. The truth is, though, that taking the time to make yourself up at least a little bit can help you feel better about yourself during the day, which is good for your overall self esteem. Its okay to take care of yourself too!

PRO TIP: Use products that wont harm your baby if she licks your face. It sounds strange but remember: babies get their hands and mouths on everything!

3. Keep It Together

You probably spend at least a few minutes each morning hunting through your bathroom cabinet or drawers looking for the products you need or want to apply. Save some time by keeping them all together. Use this Perfect Imprints coupon code to buy a custom made bag in which to keep all of your skin care products. An added bonus of doing this is that keeping everything together and bagged up is that you wont have to worry about your products finding themselves in the hands of curious kids who might think they are tasty snacks or fantastic tools for decorating the wall.

4. Use a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth to wash off your makeup and freshen up your skin

You can probably find a great makeup remover from the same company that makes your cosmetics. They undoubtedly have a skin cleanser (with moisture added of course) too. You can save money by buying all of your products from a single manufacturer (especially if you buy them online).

The truth is that practicing proper skin care as a parent isnt a luxury. Its important! This is the skin youll be touching your baby with (and that will be touched by your baby). You want it to be in good shape!

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