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herniated discIn the context of modern tendency to being overweight, having a lack of physical activities and being pinned up to our PC screens, many of us start complaining about constant back pains. Sometimes, people are diagnosed with serious problems like herniated disks or others, which can affect the life to a great extent and make them suffer from constant lower back pains, lumbago, feeling of tickling in the toes or knees, and being someway unable to lead their normal lifestyle. Here, I have a word of hope for those who suffer from herniated disks and are forced to watch their movements all the time. It is ozone treatment.

Spinal disks are small circular fibrous rings located between every vertebrae of a human spine. They work as shock absorbers and make our movements soft and soundless. As a result of aging, increased physical activities, extra weight or other factors, our discs tend to lose water and become less elastic. Due to this, a part of spinal disc can bulge out causing a health condition known as herniated disc, or ruptured disc, or bulging disc. The fragments of the bulging spinal disc begin pressing on the nerves located nearby, causing pinched nerve and terrible pains irradiating to the feet, knees, hips, etc. (depending on which disc is herniated).

spinal discTreatments for this problem usually include acupuncture, medications, physiotherapy and various alternative approaches. It is possible to opt for surgery but there are possible complications and increased risks of developing one more herniated disc. Nowadays, the scientists came up with a new approach to solving this problem: ozone treatment which involves ozone gas. Combined with oxygen, this gas can create favorable environment for bulged our fragments of herniated disk to shrink and relieve pains and discomfort.

The specialists from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit in Rome worked on this innovative technology and tested it on 60 patients. As a result of ozone treatment, the patients were twice likely to feel pains compared to other participants. “Ozone-oxygen injections, which are minimally invasive, seem to safely and effectively relieve pain, as well as reducing both disability and the intake of pain-relieving drugs,” the scientists commented on their findings. However, British specialists are more cautions in their comments. “There have been more than 20 studies on ozone/oxygen treatment and although many show quite positive results in terms of reducing pain, it has not been accepted as a mainstream treatment for degenerative disc disease in the UK,” says Jane Tadman, an expert from Arthritis Research UK.

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