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Natural Exfoliants For SkinUsing scrubs and exfoliants is an important part of personal skin care program of every modern lady. Exfoliants work by removing the dirt and upper layer of dead cells from your skin. This procedure helps to avoid dull skin and make your skin look youthful, radiant and healthy. Certainly, while choosing the best natural exfoliants you should consider the type of your skin: sensitive, normal, dry or oily, as well as thickness and other properties of your skin.

It is quite easy to make natural homemade exfoliants for skin using the ingredients you have in your kitchen. First of all, it is necessary to choose one of abrasive agents. Below, you can see a list of the most common organic abrasives recommended for preparing homemade exfoliants:

  • Sea salt. This is one of the best natural exfoliants for skin which has been used for centuries. It is especially effective for dry skin and it can be used as a paste: a mixture of sea salt and glycerin. Sea salt also has many therapeutic powers including anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ones. Therefore, this natural exfoliant can also assist in treating such skin problems as acne, psoriasis, etc.
  • homemade exfoliantsOatmeal. This is the best choice for dry and sensitive skin. It is a great natural anti-inflammatory agent and can act as a moisturizer as well. By using this natural exfoliant you can also enjoy its soothing and healing benefits.
  • Baking powder. An excellent natural exfoliant for sensitive skin, it provides gentle and soothing action.
  • Corn flour. Another great choice for sensitive and oily skin. It facilitates absorbing skin oil.
  • Brown sugar. It is one of the most gentle type of homemade exfoliants which can be used for all types of skin.
  • Ground coffee. This is one of the most potent natural exfoliants for skin which can tone and rejuvenate it. This exfoliant also has very powerful antibacterial and stimulant properties.
  • Ground almonds. In addition to exfoliant properties, almonds provide our skin with soothing and moisturizing effects of their essential oil.
  • Papaya. Enzymes in this natural exfoliant can dissolve dead skin cells, as well as improve skin quality and elasticity. That is why papaya is among the most popular natural ingredients of various skin care products.
  • Cranberry seeds.

For preparing your homemade exfoliants, use a teaspoon of one of the above mentioned abrasive ingredients and mix it with a teaspoon of a moisturizing ingredient. You can use lemon or lime juice for oily skin, olive oil for dry skin, as well as one of other powerful moisturizers like honey, apple juice, almond oil, grapeseed oil or other essential oil,  cucumber or avocado puree, yogurt or sore cream and so on. Blend the ingredients together and if necessary, add a few drops of water.

These homemade exfoliants can be applied directly on your face and neck. Be sure that you do not have allergies to the ingredients you are using. Rub your homemade exfoliant gently into your skin (avoid the area around your eyes) and massage gently using slow circular motions to avoid scratching or damaging your skin. Rinse with warm water. To receive maximum effects, repeat the procedure on a regular basis: 1-2 times a week. Enjoy your vibrant, elastic and healthy looking skin.

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