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pistachiosRecently, the findings of two very interesting studies were published in famous Appetite journal. They are related to everyone on earth who likes such a useful and delicious snack as a handful of in-shell pistachios. After a series of experiments, two groups of specialists found out that eating in-shell pistachios is linked to a number of health benefits. In particular, apart of being a really healthy snack, consuming a little of in-shell pistachios can assist decreasing our calorie intake this way promoting weight loss and protecting us from overeating.

The first study was carried out a year ago. A number of the participants were asked to consume a certain amount of in-shell pistachios on an everyday basis. In-shell PistachiosFurther specialists supervised eating patterns of all the participants, and it was found out that those who had in-shell pistachios as a regular snack were all the time consuming less calories than those who did not add pistachios to their daily diet. It was estimated that eating a bit of in-shell pistachios is linked to about 41 percent lower calorie intake.

In the framework of the second study, the scientists came to very exciting conclusions. The study was aimed to find out what exactly defines the effects of consuming in-shell pistachios. It turned out that nut shells in pistachios can have a certain “visual effect” and give us a clue about how much pistachios we ate. This can easily translate in the amount of consumed calories. According to the findings of both studies, in-shell pistachios should be considered a healthy, practical and nutritious snack, which can provide us with certain weight management benefits.

James Painter, one of the main specialists and leader of the second study, behavioral eating expert and the Chairman of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University, comments of the findings received by his experimental group as the following: “In-shell pistachios are the original ”slow food.” The findings of these studies demonstrate that pistachios, as one of the only in-shell snack nuts, help slow consumption; and further, that the empty shells offer a visual cue, reducing calorie intake.” In addition, Painter says: “In fact, the term ”Pistachio Principle” has been coined to describe a simple technique that can be used to help fool yourself full.”

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