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Organic Rose OilUndoubtedly, roses are among the most beautiful flowers on earth. Gentle and warm climate of Asia became a cradle of these delicate flowers, and the oldest trace of roses goes back to the Paleolithic era, that is about 35 million years ago. Ancient Romans loved roses for their enticing fragrance and tenderness. Anacreon of Greece, an ancient poet write that “..healing rose balm calms the heart that beats in agony“. In many cultures of the Middle East rose is a symbol of love, happiness and friendship.

Most modern women adore these flowers for their mystic beauty and divine mesmerizing aroma. I myself am absolutely crazy for white roses! But, at the same time, I have to admit that classic pink and wine-dark ones are also heavenly beautiful. In our times, more than 100 species of roses, which also come in a great variety of colors, are being cultivated. In addition to that, specialists classify 6 types of rose scents, and very frequently roses have a compound of three-four typical scents!

Rose Oil

For centuries, organic Rose oil (made from the petals of Rosa Damascena or Rose Centifolia), also called attar of roses, has been produced and widely used in perfumery. The essential oil is extracted from the petals through steam distillation. Such countries as Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, India, Russia, China, Egypt and others are among the world’s leaders in producing high quality organic rose oil. This valuable essential oil has more than 300 active ingredients, including citronellol and geraniol (the main scent constituents), nerol, linalool, eugenol and others.

Some people believe that rose oil can be used only as an element of fine perfumes, as well as in aromatherapy and flavoring liqueurs, but this idea is not quite correct. Health benefits of rose oil include, first if all, calming, sedative are relaxing properties of this natural remedy. Place 2 drops of high quality organic rose oil to your warm bath and after just 10 minutes of soaking in this therapeutic water your headache or anxiety will vanish, your body will be refreshed and your skin will look much better and softer.

Health Benefits of Rose Oil

In addition, rose oil is considered to be a unique, safe and very effective herbal remedy for depression as divine aroma of roses stimulates production of dopamine, “the hormone of happiness”, calms down our nervous system and evokes positive emotions. Applying rose oil directly on skin (possibly mixed with some lavender or almond oil) is a superb remedy for treating various skin disorders, dermatitis, eczema and so on. Rose oil compresses (cold or hot) can help those people who suffer from joint pains, arthritis, cramps, sprains, swelling and so on.

Aromatherapy involving rose oil can be of a great relief for those who have asthma, respiratory infections and coughs. It is possible to enjoy therapeutic effects of rose oil by adding several petals of this flower to your favorite tea or herbal tea. Essential rose oil has positive effects on the function of our digestive system and kidneys. Finally, many experts recommend using rose oil to all modern women who suffer from menstrual pains and PMS related problems. Remember that in order to receive maximum positive effects from rose oil therapy, be sure that you use only 100% natural organic rose oil.

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