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ArugulaArugula (Eruca sativa), which is also called rocket seed, rocket salad, rukola and rucketta, is famous for its powerful aphrodisiac qualities. Centuries ago, those were ancient Romans, who discovered such properties of this leafy green with rich and strong peppery taste. They used to mix green leaves of arugula with other natural aphrodisiacs and spices (like lavender, lettuce, dill and chicory) and add these mixtures to their special sauces or salads to increase potency.

The plant originates from the Mediterranean region and grows throughout the area from Lebanon to Morocco. It is very easy to grow arugula: it can be cultivated even in a small pot in front of your window giving you an opportunity to enjoy fresh leaves every day. In addition to its excellent love-inspiring properties and aphrodisiac powers, arugula is also considered one of the most useful and healthiest natural superfoods. It is very low in calories (20 g of arugula have only 5 cal) and can be a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins C, A, K and P, iron, potassium and other nutrients and minerals we all need. Experts say that one of the most significant health benefits of arugula is improve our blood quality.

Arugula is a very effective stimulant, it gives power and energy, and can stop cough. Vitamins P and K in this plant are reported to have positive effects on liver function. Arugula leaves and seeds are widely used in modern culinary, and potatoes with arugula is one of the most popular ways to consume this natural aphrodisiac. As a matter of fact, arugula can be added to any sort of meals and dishes. It is especially good with fish and red meat. Also, you can combine arugula with such spices as parsnips, pine nuts and pistachio for dressing your favorite vegetable salads and pasta. Enjoy aphrodisiac properties and health benefits of arugula year round!

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  1. acuvue oasys rebatesNo Gravatar Says:

    I eat two handfuls a day and it is just terrific. My hair and skin are awesome – the more leafy greens I eat, the better I look :)

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