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Archive for the 'Herbal Remedies for Diseases' Category

February 27, 2011

natural herpes treatmentTansy (Tanacetum vulgare), or Mugwort, Golden Buttons, etc.,  is a known herbal remedy which has been used by many generations to treat various respiratory problems, high fever, joint pains and other types of pains and aches. Tansy health benefits include its antiviral and vermifuge properties. This perennial flowering plant grows all around Europe and northern regions of Asia. Tansy received its name from the Greek word “immortal” and in old Christan religions this plant was linked to Virgin Mary. This herb has numerous culinary applications, and according to the latest study, tansy can be used as an effective natural herpes treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal Remedies For Gout

Author: Carla Fiscina
January 29, 2011

GoutGout is a very painful health condition linked to accumulation of uric acid crystals in joint tissues. It is a type of arthritic diseases which is known for its severity and persisting pains. Many today’s medical specialists are extremely concerned about the dangers connected with rapid lowering of the age of gout patients. If just 10 years ago the majority of those who suffered from this health condition were well above 45-50, nowadays this diseases is pretty much familiar to the people who are slightly above 30. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal Remedies For Cold Feet

Author: Carla Fiscina
December 3, 2010

cold feetPersistently cold feet is a type of disorder which can bring not much of discomfort, but could be a sign of a very serious problem. It is obvious that those who suffer from cold feet are having problems with blood circulation. Other diseases associated with cold feet include anaemia, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and possible hormonal imbalances. However, a problem like cold feet can also be caused by absolutely common factors like a lack of exercise, poor diet or nicotine abuse. Read the rest of this entry »

November 24, 2010

Dry MouthDry mouth is quite a common condition, also known as xerostomia, which takes place in the situations when a person’s saliva glads fail to produce sufficient amounts of saliva to keep the mouth moist. It is estimated that more than 10 million people in the UK suffer from dry mouth, and for the most it is linked to being excited, nervous, scared, stressed out and so on. Most of us tend to give no great importance to this condition, but sometimes such easy thing as dry mouth can be a signal of very serious health problem, including diabetes. In the most severe conditions, dry mouth can also cause loss of the sense of taste, constant burning sensation or tingling, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal Remedies For PMS

Author: Carla Fiscina
November 13, 2010

herbal remedies for pmsPremenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a common health condition which is well familiar to many women. The symptoms associated with PMS include bloating, spasms and cramps, fatigue, irritability, severe mood changes, headaches, food cravings, painful periods and many others. They begin shortly after ovulation and disappear after the period has started. Eating a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water and reducing caffeine consumption are among the best recommendations to ease the symptoms of PMS. And what are the natural solutions for PMS symptoms? Read the rest of this entry »

November 3, 2010

GingerGinger (Zingiber officinale) is among the oldest known herbal remedies for a variety of problems and health conditions, starting from colds and the flu and ending with morning sickness and indigestion. It is especially valued in China and India where it is used almost on a daily basis in the form of ginger root tea and other products, as well as for spicing all sorts of meals. Ginger is famous for its anti-inflammatory, warming up, spasmolytic, carminative properties, antioxidant effects and many other valuable actions. Read the rest of this entry »

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