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April 17, 2010

Recently, I had a great chance to speak to Prof. Doctor Bingyr Sonmez, a specialist on cardio-vascular diseases and differential diagnostics, as well as a famous anti-tobacco enthusiast, who worked here in the UK in St. Thomas Hospital and recently visited our hospital on a special occasion. He shared a lot of very interesting ideas with me, but what impressed me the most is his viewpoint on the benefits of eating eggs

EggsDr Sonmez says that for more than 40 years doctors were saying to people not to eat eggs very strictly. They did that with their full belief till early 90s. Actually, for 40 years some voices were telling us: egg is actually not that bad for heart and egg actually does not have much cholesterol. Some scientists were saying that.

In the 90s there were serious researches indicating that egg has minimal or almost no effect on rising cholesterol levels. The practitioners were aware of that and started suggesting their patients eating eggs. Now, egg is suggested strictly to protect from the Alzheimer’s disease and elder people should eat an egg a day.

Health Benefits Of Eating EggsEgg is a very useful food and there are lots of benefits of eating eggs on a regular basis. Eggs can protect us from breast cancer and lots of other problems. It slows down aging processes in our body. If we manage to diver people from the wrong understanding about egg as doctors, we will be serving for public safety much better.

Egg fulfills our body’s protein needs and keeps a person full for long period of time. It also can correct hear arrhythmia, rise good cholesterol (HDL). There is small amount of bad cholesterol in it, but it is a really minimum amount and has no harm at all.

If eggs could be enriched by omega 3 acid, they would be extremely useful for people. Enriched eggs are good, but normal are also very valuable. For a normal egg  without no other food , a little bit warmth and humidity adjustment a normal chicken can come out, that indicates incomparable nutrition value of this food. This can make us see the importance of this food a a nutrient packed natural food.

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