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AromatherapyMany of us “celebrate” every new spring with new health problems and ailments like frequent colds, depressions, mood swings and weakened immunity. Fortunately, we have a great help given to us by our Mother Nature: essential oils. Therapeutic properties of these natural remedies are known since the times of Ancient Egypt, and the queens of Far East and India used aromatherapy approaches which could help them to renew and refresh the body, especially in spring time.

In our epoch, high therapeutic and medicinal value of essential oils is scientifically proven by many experts, that is why modern doctors and health care specialists recommend aromatherapy for improving our immunity and preventing such common diseases as bronchitis, cold, flu, rhinitis and others.† In spring, we all suffer from lack of vitamins, excessive sleepiness, weakened hair and dull skin. The following essential oils can help you to combat the above mentioned symptoms.

  • Essential OilLemon essential oil. It is a very powerful antiseptic which stimulates the function of our immune system and can assist in treating migraines. It can be used for preventing respiratory system disorders.
  • Sage oil. It can be used to prevent whooping cough, colds, bronchitis, and it is also a strong natural painkiller.
  • Jasmin oil. Can be used to treat colds.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil. This powerful natural antiseptic is used to treat rhinitis and cough.
  • Anis oil. It is one of the softest natural oils which can alleviate the symptoms of headaches.
  • Peppermint essential oil. Improves blood circulation and can be used to treat respiratory system diseases.
  • Sandalwood essential oil. This natural remedy and antiseptic can improve our immunity, as well as improve te function of our urinary and respiratory systems.

All these essential oils and blends can be used in the framework of aromatherapy in your home. You can use special candles or drop one or two drops of the blend on your aroma lamp, in your aroma diffuser or just in a bowl of warm water. Besides, you can use the oils for massage or steambath.

(to be continued)

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2 Responses to “Aromatherapy In Spring: Secrets For Your Health And Beauty”

  1. organic face careNo Gravatar Says:

    Great blog post. Therapeutic Remedies essential oils.
    Lemon essential oil. Jasmin oil.Sage oil.Peppermint essential oil. these are natural medicinal value herbal remedies. ItТs useful information.

  2. day spa melbourneNo Gravatar Says:

    Use fro natural herbal product like aromatherapy you will get improving our immunity bronchitis, cold, flu, rhinitis and others. thanks a lot.

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