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November 5, 2010

Benefits Of Apricot Kernel OilApricot kernel oil is known as the best essential oil for skin treatment. Many of us love eating delicious and very nutritious apricots very much, but most of those people are not aware of the fact that the cores of apricot pits are actually very valuable natural material which can be used for producing natural essential oil, apricot kernel oil. This oil can be received by cold pressure and can be used for a variety of conditions due its large number of therapeutic properties.

Apricot kernel oil is rich in natural vitamins (especially Vitamins A and E essential for our skin), linoleic, oelic and other essential fatty acids, minerals and other nutrients.  This oil is miraculous by two reasons: first of all, it gets perfectly absorbed by skin and leaves no traces or an oily feel. Besides, it does not cause allergic reactions even on the most sensitive skin and can be used even in baby products. Benefits of apricot kernel oil include soothing, moisturizing and nourishing actions on our skin, as well as anti-inflammatory, cooling and other properties.

Apricot Kernel Oil BenefitsUnlike many other essential oils, this fine textured oil does not have any specific aroma, and the best way to enjoy apricot kernel oil benefits for skin is using this oil for massage therapy. This oil can be recommended to those who have dry, sensitive or prematurely aged skin. Regular massages or face masks with apricot kernel oil can assist in revitalizing, refreshing and moisturizing skin, making it firmer, clearer and more elastic, prevent irritations and stimulate blood flow.

This essential oil can be used not only for the skin of your face, but for moisturizing and revitalizing your hands and neck. In ancient Chinese medicine, apricot kernel oil was used to treat the symptoms of asthma and prevent tumor formation. Anti-inflammatory benefits of apricot kernel oil can be used to treat such serious skin problems as eczema, dermatitis and acne. Besides, apricot kernel oil can be used to nourish scalp and prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles. That is why this essential oil is frequently added as an ingredient to various hair care products, shampoos, lotions and so on. Apricot kernel oil blends perfectly well with almost all known essential oils.

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  1. LesleeNo Gravatar Says:

    I have a bottle of Apricot Kernel Oil how long is this product good to use once opened?

    Is AKO safe to use around the eye area?


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