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Unhealthy foodsOne can not imagine, how many unhealthy foods we actually see in our supermarkets, and sometimes we do consume those. Unhealthy foods do not only lead to weight gain, problems with digestive system and cardio-vascular problems. Unhealthy foods also stimulate aging and shorten our lifespan. Below, you can see a list of commercially produced foods to forget about for those who are making efforts on weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle.

1. Various types of candies, lollipops like Chupa-chups, and so on. These junk foods are filled with extremely harmful artificial sugars and chemical additives.

2. Potato and corn chips. These unhealthy foods are very harmful because they are actually a mixture of saturated fats, carbs, chemical additives and taste enhancers. Potato chips and fries contain various cancerogens and neurotoxins, including acrylamide and many others.

Junk Food3. Carbonated drinks. Another type of mixture of artificial sugars, carbon and chemical additives. They create a great environment for spreading toxins and very harmful chemical compounds.

4. Chocolate bars like Snickers and Mars. This type of junk food is extremely high in calories as well as has a variety genetically modified compounds, taste enhancers, etc.

5. Doughnuts. They are very delicious but, unfortunately, they are packed with artificial flavors, trans fats, refined sugars and other very harmful substances.

6. Hot dogs and luncheon meats. All these types of unhealthy foods are actually processed meats which have harmful ingredients like sodium nitrite, causing various types of cancer.

7. Mayonnaise. This is one of the highest in calories commercial products, which contains lots of harmful saturated fats, additives, taste simulators and enhancers, and so on. Also, studies showed that mayonnaise should be consumed only when it is fresh, otherwise it can grow lots of harmful bacteria.

8. Salt. This natural product causes chemical imbalances and accumulates toxins in the body. However, do not give up eating salt completely, just decrease its consumption.

9. Alcoholic beverages. In addition to a great number of calories, alcohol substantially slows down vitamin digestion.

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