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There are many natural solutions to improve our sex life. Natural aphrodisiacs are the safest, the most effective and the most passionate ones. They are always available and affordable for almost everyone. Let’s examine your kitchen and see, what do you have to make your life a little spicier.

TomatoNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No. 1: Tomatoes. Tomatoes have very strong erotic context and very interesting story. Centuries ago, tomatoes were yellow color, that is why in ancient Rome they were called “pomo d’oro“, or “the apple of gold” referring to the historical temptation of Adam. However, a French tourist misunderstood the name of this magic vegetable and thought it to be “pomo d’amour“, or “the apple of love“. Regular consumption of tomatoes aids sexual performance, as well as helps to improve muscle control and relax nervous system.

SpicesNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No. 2: Spices. Many experts claim that spicy foods and various spicy meals (cooked with curry, chilly, etc.) can effectively boost our sexual desire in a natural way. This can be achieved at the expense of our natural reaction on spicy foods. What do we feel after eating some hot and spicy meatballs, for example? Usually, our heart beat increases and we feel a little sweaty, right? A natural reaction of our mind on this condition is looking for ways to prologue this excitement…

ChocolateNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No.3: Chocolate. In many people, chocolate evokes sexual arousal, and since the times of the Aztec civilization cocoa beans are strongly linked to increased sexual desire. Chocolate contains two chemicals, phenylethylamine and tryptophan, which stimulate our brain and cause increased sexual desire. Moreover, regular consumption of chocolate has very high effects of women and substantially increase their sex drive, Italian scientists suggest (according to a research, published in the journal Sexual Medicine).

AvocadoNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No.4: Avocado. Avocado salad is a perfect idea for Valentine’s meal. This exotic fruit has been recently gaining popularity and used more in the kitchens. Aphrodisiac effects of avocado can be explained by a high content of bromocriptine, which is supposed to boost our sexual desire. In addition, avocados are perfect sources of Vitamins E and D which can assist in releasing body energy you receive from foods. Therefore, you will be more successful in the bedroom.

oystersNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No.5: Oysters. One of the oldest known natural sex aids, oysters have double effects on our sexual drive. First of all, this seafood contains some amino acids, which boost the levels of certain hormones and trigger our sexual desire. Also, oysters are a perfect natural source of zinc, an important element for maintaining high testosterone levels in men. Besides, this magic seafood can have strong mental effects on our mind due to its appearance and texture.

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    Sharing is caring as they say. Thanks for this great post and some good ones I’ve seen here too.

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    [...] que ve directo a tu cocina y revisa, sitienes algunos de estos alimentospuedes empezar a mejorar desde ya tu vida [...]

  4. Afrodis?acos naturales para la relaci?n sexual - Otra Medicina Says:

    [...] que ve directo a tu cocina y revisa, sitienes algunos de estos alimentospuedes empezar a mejorar desde ya tu vida [...]

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